Friday, December 21, 2007

A very Serious Introduction

"Hi, my name is Mike and I am addicted to sports. There, that feels better."

Welcome to my blog. This a sports related blog (what gave that away?) where I will proceed to ramble on and on about the saga that is professional sports. I will delve into the history of the 1906 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs (just kidding, but I kinda wanted to see what Chicago Cubs and Champion looked like the same sentence). I will attempt to prove that Matt Millen is competent and that hockey may or may not be real. Some serious investigation on both will be required. I will be offering useless predictions like Michael Vick will make two All-Prison teams for his outstanding work in cell block C. and the number of times John Madden says Brett Favre in a given season: 110,964. Some serious talk will happen from time to time like discussing OJ Simpson, the '07 Dolphins or Drew Bledsoe's scrambling ability. And then there is my favorite topic to talk about: MLB and the mighty fine work of one Allen H. (Bud) Selig and how he has dealt more blows to baseball in the past decade than your average porn actress.

Now that you know what this blog has no directional and from time to time may be satirical, let me tell you about myself. I am a 24 year old sports fanatic currently residing at the Jersey Shore. Well, that pretty much ends that.

My favorite things in sports right now are the NY Football Giants, Isiah Thomas (comedy at its finest), the ever captivating BCS playoffs, and the potential for HankenStein running the Yankees into the ground.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and lets talk some sports. Maybe I will even hire George Mitchell do do some my research for me.

Now, if only I can remember where I placed Kirk Radomski's phone number...

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danp said...

Sounds l;ike fun
you're off to a great start!