Saturday, January 19, 2008

NFL's Coldest Games

When the Giants and Packers take the field Sunday night in Green Bay to play the NFC Championship game, the temperature is supposed to be 6 degrees with a wind chill below 0. You can bet there will be a few shirtless Packers fans.

But this is not going to be the coldest game ever played in the NFL. In fact, this wouldn't even crack the top 10.

So get your hot chocolate ready and put on an extra pair of long johns as I will countdown the 5 most bone chilling football games in NFL history.

5. Dec. 3, 1972 - Metropolitan Stadium - Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears - Temperature: -2 degrees / Wind chill: -26 degrees.
Apparently only having a -26 wind chill will get you in last place on this countdown. minus freakin 26 degrees!

4. Jan. 4, 1981 - Cleveland Municipal Stadium - AFC playoff: Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland Raiders - Temperature: -5 degrees / Wind chill -27 degrees.
Well at least the city of Cleveland can celebrate this playoff loss in the cold because they actually made the playoffs in 1981. Just wait Cleveland til 1987...

3. Jan. 7, 1996 - Arrowhead Stadium - AFC playoff: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts - Temperature: -6 degrees
Indianapolis won this game 10-7. This game was a field position, defense controlled game. This reaks of a Herm Edwards coached game where he mismanages the clock in the final 2 minutes and blows a chance for a winning TD or tying field goal.

2. Jan. 10, 1982 - Riverfront Stadium - AFC Championship game: Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers - Temperature: -9 degrees / Wind chill: -59 degrees.
This game earned the nickname the Freezer Bowl. Cincinnati's offensive line decided to remain sleeveless, rubbing Vaseline on their arms to limit the numbness. What kind of delusional psycho are you when you wear short sleeves in -59 degree weather?

1. Dec. 31, 1967 - Lambeau Field - "The Ice Bowl" / NFL Championship Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys - Temperature: -13 degrees / Wind chill: - 48 degrees
This is how cold it was at Lambeau that day: As the referee blew his metal whistle to signal the start of play, it froze to his lips. And to this day Green Bay QB Bart Starr still claims to suffer occasional mild effects of the frostbite he developed that day.

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