Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Even NFL Teams Can Dream

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Bob Glauber (Best name ever!) is a doofus. Okay, I take that back.

Bob Glauber (Fantastic!) is delusional. That sounds better.

Bob wrote in an article in Newsday on Saturday that the Giants are eyeing two top cornerbacks in the Free Agent crop. I know that this “supposedly” came from the Giants…but did he need to keep the fantasy alive?

Those players:
- DeAngelo Hall: Hall was told that Atlanta would seek a trade. He then told reporters that he would not return to the Falcons.

- Marcus Trufant: ‘Tru is the Seahawks’ Franchise player…

Okay, so Hall makes sense. He is young, talented and on his way out of town. But Trufant??? This is what he said:

“According to a league source familiar with the Giants' situation, Trufant is on their radar as a potential acquisition once the trading period begins next Friday. Seattle has designated Trufant as their "franchise" player, meaning Seattle has virtually exclusive negotiating rights with him for the 2008 season. But that does not preclude them from making a trade.”

HA! I am literally laughing out loud. Does Bob Glauber (love it) know what it would take? Can you say Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora and Plaxico Burress? That is the type of thing you would need to dangle in front of them.

What about signing him? Well that will cost you a lot of money (seeing as how the Hawks are already paying him over $9M this year) and two 1st-round draft picks.

Is that plausible? I don’t know, but it would be stupid.

So, Mr. Bob Glauber (brilliant) maybe you should let the Giants know that they are living in a fantasy world.

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