Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sports Worst Losses

I, Roger Clemens, swear to lie, tell nothing but lies, so help me Jose Canseco.

Oh wait, this column is supposed to be about sports worst losses not biggest liars. Sorry back to the originally scheduled column.

Vanderbilt 41 - Kentucky 11.

That is not a typo.

Kentucky, with its historic past and current day all-americans, put up exactly 11 points in the first 20 minutes. It was there lowest total in a half since the invention of the shot clock in 1986. As bad as the first half was, the Wildcats didn't fair any better in the second half as they ended up losing by 41 points, 93-52. It was their worst ever SEC loss.

"To have them stomp us into the ground like that, it's horrible," freshman Patrick Patterson said.

As bad as Kentucky's loss was, it was far from the worst loss in college basketball history. That dubious distinction belongs to D-III Ohio State-Marion. On December 2, 2006, they lost to Lincoln University (PA) 201-78.

These are some more of the worst losses in sports history:

The worst loss in NFL history was in the 1940 NFL Championship game when the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins 73-0. The sad part is that is a Championship game. It was pitting the two best teams against each other. Little known fact about this game: Bill Belichick was Chicago's offensive coordinator who wouldn't quit after Chicago its 66th point.

Miami lost 148-80 at Cleveland on Dec. 17, 1991. The Heat weren't even warm (thank you thank you) in losing by 68 points that night. Serves the Heat right for using a line up that included Bimbo Coles, Ronny Seikaly, and Glen Rice. Coach Kevin Loughery eventually benched his starting 5 in favor of players like Milos Babik, Keith Askins and Sherman Douglass. Kevin Loughery has not been heard from again.

College Football
In 1916, Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland College by the score of 222-0. First off, what is Georgia Tech, a school that has won 22 bowl games and 2 ACC titles, doing playing Cumberland College? And for that matter, who and/or what is Cumberland College? Do you realize that 222-0 is GT scoring 37 touchdowns and that's assuming no extra points were kicked. Just my two cents, but I think Cumberland should look to discontinue their football program.

The worst loss in Hockey history came back in 1920. The Montreal Canadiens beat the old Quebec City Bulldogs 16-3. That's a 13 goal difference. On a related note, the Bulldogs waived the goaltender the following day.

The Chicago Colts beat the Louisville Colonels 36-7 in 1897. Honus Wagner was a rookie on that Louisville squad,f oul balls did not count as strikes, and curiously, this was the last time Mark Prior and Kerry Wood were healthy at the same time.

College Basketball
In 2006, Lincoln University (Pennslyvania) broke 6 D-III records on there way to a 201-78 victory over Ohio State-Marion. Sami Wylie of Lincoln shot the ball 44 times in 24 minutes of play. Just one guy. One person. Sami Wylie shot the ball 44 times in 24 minutes of play. Stephon Marbury thinks that's excessive. The 123 point win is the largest in NCAA history. The previous record was held by Eureka College in a 149-37 victory over Borat in 1989. When you beat up on hapless Kazakh journalists, the game just isn't fun anymore.....High-Five

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