Monday, March 10, 2008

Athletes Are Just Like Us: A-Rod Edition

This is something that I have been tossing around for a weekly spot on The Hoch. It is called:

Athletes Are Just Like Us

Well, they are. They may make millions of dollars, but just like celebrities, they go to the grocery store and walk their dogs.

Each week I will bring you a new person and tell you why they are just like a normal human being.

Today: Alex Rodriguez

In this picture we see A-Rod smoking a cigar, and like the rich person that he is, he is holding his fingers up as if it is a teacup filled with the finest earl grey. A lot of normal people smoke cigars:

Like this guy:
Alex gets in fights. Just like any other blue-blooded American.

He goes shopping with the family:

Just like the normal people.

He has arguments with his friends:

But who doesn't?

So Alex is just like all of us...because we all:

- Have hit 518 Home Runs

- Have a contract that for 10-years at a total of #275M.

- Were elected to the All-star game 10 times

- Have 3 American League MVP awards

But at least I'm not a tool.

[As seen in Afraidofedhochuli]

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