Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Athletes Are Just Like Us: Tiger Woods Edition

Tiger Woods had won every tournament he had played in 2008 and there were many discussions surrounding the achievement. Some thought he was the best ever; some thought he enacted the most amazing feat of all time.

I won't take anything away from him; he is the most dominate player in any sport around the world. I am a "Golden Bear" fan, but I would be naive to think that Nicklaus' records would stand in the wake of what Tiger has done to the sports world.

So, after watching Geoff Ogilvy win at Doral, I knew it was time to show how human Tiger Woods really is.

He is a fisherman

Just like people all around the world.

Tiger's shower may have around 14 heads, but

a lot of people have showers.
His wife is a beautiful woman. But who's isn't?
He was raised to love the game.
Thomas Junta did the same with his son.
He has a great watch.

This one works.

He was given a great car by the company who pays him.

A lot of people get company cars.

He owns a wonderful green jacket.

Which everyone should have in their wardrobe.

He hangs out with cebrities like Snoop Dogg.

But, come on, who hasn't hung out with Snoop Dogg?

He has sweat problems.

Which is something that plagues even Batman.

If you want to see how much Tiger is just like us, check out a this site: Pictures of Tiger's Home

See, he is just like any other person making $84M a year.
[As seen in Afraidofedhochuli]

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