Monday, March 3, 2008

How to Back Stab the Seattle Fans: A Hostile Hochuli Editorial

In 1780 a traitor was found whose name would become synonymous in the United States with the act of defection. He was a Major General in the Continental Army who was frustrated with the Continental Congress’ inability to see his accomplishments. He requested to run West Point in July of 1780 with the sole desire to turn it over to the British Army.

Lucky for us, General Washington figured it out. However, the turncoat escaped back to London where he became a high ranking officer in the British Army. He would die an old man in London, but his name would live on as a defector in the U.S.

Saturday morning I was given the news that Seattle had been given its very own Benedict Arnold.

Josh Brown didn’t risk lives, but he has turned his back on the team and the fans that helped him to become who he is now. He was offered the same amount of money from the Seattle Seahawks but he chose the dome in St. Louis. I guess the amount of guaranteed money from the Rams was higher.

I feel lied to. He had said in several interviews that he wanted to follow the Mack Strong mold: Retire with the team that drafted you.

It was the same money, Josh…so why leave?

Supposedly he wasn’t happy with the long-snapper situation (join the club) and the Seahawks were trying to back-load the contract. He didn’t like that either.

This wouldn’t hurt Seattle fans as much if he had gone to a different team, but a cross-division rival isn’t the way any of us wanted.

He is a traitor to Seahawks “nation”. He has turned his back on us and we will turn our back on him. Does Josh feel comfortable kicking in Qwest Field? Well, he can kiss that goodbye. The Giants thought we were pumping in crowd noise before; the Rams will think a train carrying thunder is rolling by.

He is the new Adam Vinatieri: a kicker leaving his team to sign with a rival. He is to us what Parcells was to the Patriots after he left them for the Jets. He is now to us what Johnny Damon was to the Red Sox when he went to the Yankees.

I am in the process of getting his agents info so we can send him a package. This package will include the Fiancee’s Jersey that she JUST GOT for Christmas and a note that says: “Thought you might want this back.”

I don’t think that his loss will be that detrimental to the team’s Super Bowl aspirations, but if the new guy misses a kick that would have locked up Home-Field Advantage…that will be the end of that.

Hopefully the Hawks can find a solid replacement in the 7th round as they did in 2003

*Addendum: I understand that players leave to go where the money is or where they feel they can play/make a difference; that is the nature of free agency. My point is this: stabbing a city in the back is dangerous.

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