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Monday Schmonday – Rules/Regulations 3/17/08

This is the first week that we are going to be following our layout to a “T”. (Please look at the right margin to see the daily schedule for The Hoch) This means that today is the first “real” Monday Schmonday that I we are doing that doesn’t cover the NFL games from the Sunday (Thursday and sometimes Saturday) before.

I will stick to the normal lineup for the Schmondays: “Upset of the weekend”, “The ‘not-so-much-an-upset-as-it-is-surprising’ category” and “My biggest disappointment of the weekend”.

Upset of the weekend
This is usually where we discuss the biggest upset that happened in the NFL the week prior, but since we have no NFL, we will do one of two things: the biggest upset in a different sport (score-wise) or the biggest upset in the world of sports (story-wise).

The ‘not-so-much-an-upset-as-it-is-surprising’ category
Something that happened that was a major head-scratcher.

My biggest disappointment of the weekend
Pretty self-explanatory.

Those are the rules. Here is the article.

Upset of the weekend
This isn’t really an upset in the normal view of the word, but it is crazy and is worthy of this weeks ranking.

Houston beats L.A.

I don’t think anyone saw 22-straight wins coming when the team lost Yao to the foot injury, but since he went down the Rockets have run off 10-straight.

The win on Sunday wasn’t just another to add to the score sheet, it was enough to move the team into 1st place in the Western Conference. They did it in a convincing fashion as well, outscoring the Lakers 33-26 in the 4th quarter to finish with a 12-point win. The funny thing is that the stats were all very close, with only a thin margin separating the shooting percentages, rebounds, assists and turnovers.

The streak puts them second all-time only behind the Lakers of 1971-1972 who won 33 in-a-row. That may be a tough ring to reach for this year’s Rockets with upcoming games against Boston, New Orleans (weird to say that…) and San Antonio.

No offense to Yao, but this might be the point where they find him to be overpaid. If they are able to do it without him will they need him next year?

The ‘not-so-much-an-upset-as-it-is-surprising’ category
Selection Sunday was, well, Sunday and the teams that took top-seeds were all deserving. The surprises were teams like Washington State who was donated the 4th seed in one bracket. I said donated on purpose because they are a team that didn’t deserve a 4th spot.

This isn’t about Washington State, it is about the Selections. I will NEVER say that these guys don’t know what they are doing, because I believe you need to come with solutions not problems, I just never really understand how they find some of the teams that are NOT top-seeds.

Teams like Oregon (I will stick with the Pac-10) were on the bubble previous to the selections, so how in the heck did they get a 9 seed? Shouldn’t a “bubble team” be closer to the 16th seed? To stick with that example: Oregon (9) was 18-13 and a team like Saint Mary’s was 25-6 and was ranked behind them at 10.

Yes, the Pac-10 showed this season that it was a tough conference (I won’t get into the argument about which is the toughest of the conferences), but what about the records?

I’m just saying.

My biggest disappointment of the weekend
I have two, but they are intertwined.

I am voting Republican next time. I am a Dem but after the failure of the State government to even TALK about the Sonics situation I want them all out. This was ridiculous.

But don’t worry they also turned down:

"HB 2547: Preventing Cruelty to Canines
Preventing cruelty to canines by banning harassing and hunting of coyotes (and all canines) with dogs. Adds to the animal fighting law—prohibits using one canine to control, injure, or kill another canine.
PAWS’ position: Support
Status: Did not pass the 2008 legislative process

HB 2547 information on the Washington State Legislature’s website." [1]

Speaking of “cruelty to animals”, the Sonics took a major beating last night on the court:

SEA 116; DEN 168

"All-time Most Points" ever allowed by the Sonics.


[As seen in Afraidofedhochuli]

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