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Matt’s 2008 NFL Mock Draft v2.0

Tomorrow and Sunday are two of my five favorite days of the year. I am like a kid at Christmas right now, waiting for the morning to come. The coffee is ready to brew, the cereal in the bowl (no milk yet) and the bag of chips at arms reach.

It is also a great time for speculation, trades and sports talk. Who will my team take? Whose career will the Raiders drive into the ground? Which ex-con will go to Cincinnati?

My contribution to this is another Mock Draft. I already did one (Matt’s 2008 NFL Mock Draft), but things have changed. I will not be averaging other’s work and then moving per need; no, this time it is based on my opinions on who needs what.

This is what I came up with.

#1 – Miami Dolphins
Jake Long – OT – Michigan
Last Time: Matt Ryan - QB - Boston College

This pick has been done. They have already signed him to a 5-year contract and now they hope to have someone to protect John Beck…er…whom ever is their QB now. This guy is mean and nasty, which can come in really handy in the trenches.

#2 – St. Louis Rams
Chris Long – DE - Virginia
Last Time: Chris Long - DE – Virginia

Chris is seen as the most surefire player in the draft and some think that Miami should have taken him. St. Louis will be more then thrilled to select him at #2 and have him and Carriker on the DL for years to come.

#3 – Atlanta Falcons
Glenn Dorsey - DT – LSU
Last Time: Glenn Dorsey - DT – LSU

Again, this is a great pick. You have a team whose defense has gotten older and they have a chance to bring in a playmaking DT that has been compared to Warren Sapp. Yes, they need a QB, but a DT is less of a long-shot. Plus, seeing the QBs in the draft…they need to take someone else. However, don’t be surprised if they trade down to get more picks and snatch Matt Ryan.

#4 – Oakland Raiders
Darren McFadden - RB – Arkansas
Last Time: Jake Long - OT – Michigan

They will take the best on the board. As much as they would love to get Chris Long with this pick, they will gladly take – as some think – the best overall player in the draft.

#5 – Kansas City Chiefs
Vernon Gholston - DE - Ohio St.
Last Time: Darren McFadden - RB – Arkansas

The Chiefs need some help on both lines and this is a pick that could help right away, especially with the trade of Jarred Allen. If he is gone expect them to go to the offensive line or trade down to pick up a DE.

#6 – New York Jets
Keith Rivers - OLB – USC
Last Time: Sedrick Ellis - DT - USC

The loss of Vilma is huge. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade down to go for a RB or QB. They have a lot of holes, so don’t hold your breath on anything here.

#7 – New England Patriots (From 49ers)
Leodis McKelvin - CB – Troy
Last Time: Vernon Gholston - DE - Ohio St.

McKelvin’s stock has risen over the last few months. The Pats need some help in the secondary with the loss of Samuel. Expect them to possibly trade to get a LB or something else. They are a hard team to figure out.

#8 – Baltimore Ravens
Matt Ryan – QB – Boston College
Last Time: Brian Brohm - QB – Louisville

What are the odds that Ryan gets here? Not good, the Jets could take him as well as the Chiefs or Falcons. Baltimore would be ecstatic to end up with Ryan in their laps.

#9 – Cincinnati Bengals
Sedrick Ellis - DT - USC
Last Time: Derrick Harvey - DE – Florida

Cincy can’t stop the run; this guy can. Cincy can’t keep guys out of prison; this guy has a clean record. Adds up to a pick.

#10 – New Orleans Saints
Mike Jenkins - CB - South Florida
Last Time: Mike Jenkins - CB - South Florida

I love it, this pick will be the same. The only way I see this changing is if McKelvin is still on the board. They NEED secondary help – right, Jason David?

#11 – Buffalo Bills
Malcolm Kelly - WR – Oklahoma
Last Time: Malcolm Kelly - WR – Oklahoma

No brainer. They need someone to compliment Lee Evans. If they don’t take a WR at this spot, they will be ruing next year. RUING!

#12 – Denver Broncos
Ryan Clady - OT - Boise State
Last Time: Ryan Clady - OT - Boise State

I am doing pretty well this second time - 3rd in a row that is the same. I don’t see this changing. They need some OL help with the loss of Lepsis, and Clady is the best OT in the draft.

#13 – Carolina Panthers
Derrick Harvey – DE – Florida

Last Time: DeSean Jackson - WR – Cal

They don’t need a WR now that they have Muhammad and Hackett. They do, however, need a replacement for the retired Mike Rucker. Harvey is that replacement.

#14 – Chicago Bears
Limas Sweed - WR – Texas
Last Time: Rashard Mendenhall - RB – Illinois

They lost Muhammad and they need a WR. They also need a QB, but they can get a good one in the 2nd round.

#15 – Detroit Lions
Rashard Mendenhall - RB – Illinois
Last Time: Leodis McKelvin - CB – Troy

Kevin Jones is gone and Tatum Bell is not a starter. Detroit will take Mendenhall in a heartbeat.

#16 – Arizona Cardinals
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB - Tenn. State
Last Time: Jonathan Stewart - RB – Oregon

This is a darn good pick for a team that has struggled against the pass. This guy is legit – he is fast, tall and is good at following the ball. He should be a top-10, but will fall.

#17 – Kansas City (From Minnesota)
Chris Williams - OT – Vanderbilt
Last Time: Phillip Merling - DE – Clemson

Kansas City needs line help, and Williams will help them. They watched as a massive drop in rushing yardage happened and they will want to fix that. Williams can be the OT of the future as well.

#18 – Houston Texans
Aqib Talib - CB – Kansas
Last Time: Aqib Talib - CB – Kansas

Worked out the same again. They have some young guys up front but need help in the secondary.

#19 – Philadelphia Eagles
James Hardy - WR - Indiana

Last Time: Chris Williams - OT – Vanderbilt

I still think they need to get the replacement for some of their aging tackles, but unless there is a premier draftee at the spot, they will be taking a WR. They need someone for McNabb to throw to.

#20 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Branden Albert – OG – Virginia
Last Time: Mario Manningham - WR – Michigan

This is a “best available pick”. They may go for a WR if there is a “top-tier” left, but it might be time to get someone who can open up some holes. They already have young guards so watch for a WR or a trade down as well.

#21 – Washington Redskins
Phillip Merling – DE – Clemson
Last Time: Calais Campbell - DE - Miami (Fla.)

The same position but a better player. Merling is big, strong and can upset the o-line.

#22 – Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland)
Felix Jones – RB – Arkansas

Last Time: Jeff Otah - OT – Pittsburgh

Swap a Jones for a Jones. He has been compared to Julius and will be a very good change of pace to Marion Barber – which is what makes Barber his best.

#23 – Pittsburgh Steelers
Jeff Otah - OT – Pittsburgh
Last Time: Dan Connor - ILB - Penn State

Great lineman who will contribute almost immediately. He is a brawler which fits the Steeler’s method.

#24 – Tennessee Titans
Lawrence Jackson – DE – USC

Last Time: Kentwan Balmer - DT - North Carolina

They could take Balmer still, but they need a complimentary DE to Vanden Bosch. Jackson will make an impact on a side that has had a rotating door for the last few years.

#25 – Seattle Seahawks
Jonathan Stewart – RB – Oregon
Last Time: Felix Jones - RB – Arkansas

If Stewart falls here I will have a heart attack. I don’t think it will happen because someone will snatch him up, but if he slips then the Seahawks would be stupid to not take him. He can catch, run and block…something the Hawks haven’t seen in a long time.

#26 – Jacksonville Jaguars
Kentwan Balmer – DT - North Carolina

Last Time: Limas Sweed - WR – Texas

The loss of Marcus Stroud has caused a massive hole in the defense. Balmer could be the next Stroud and Jax would roll the dice in hopes of that.

#27 – San Diego Chargers
Devin Thomas – WR - Michigan State

Last Time: Kenny Phillips - S - Miami (Fla.)

If you can name their starting WR I will give you a dollar. Exactly…hence this pick.

#28 – Dallas Cowboys
Kenny Phillips – S - Miami
Last Time: Antoine Cason - CB - Arizona

You like Williams and Hamlin? They can hit and stop the run, but these to fools can’t pass defend to save their lives. The Cowboys need that if they want to get past the 1st round of playoffs this year.

#29 – San Fransisco 49ers
DeSean Jackson – WR – Cal
Last Time: Keith Rivers - OLB – USC

This pick would be even better if they had a QB they could count on. He is a solid WR, and though small, Jackson is a great return man as well; something that the 49ers would appreciate at the WR spot.

#30 – Green Bay Packers
Antoine Cason – CB - Arizona
Last Time: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB - Tenn. State

Again, their secondary isn’t getting younger. They may be the youngest team in the league, but comparatively the secondary is geriatric.

#31 – New England Patriots

#32 – New York Giants
Tyrell Johnson – S - Arkansas State

Last Time: Brandon Flowers - CB - Virginia Tech

We will see if they want a CB at this spot or if they take a safety. Either way…they need a freaking DB.

That’s that. Now, do I expect these to happen? No. But it could…right?

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