Tuesday, June 3, 2008

College Majors of Professional Athletes

TheSportsApple has uncovered the college majors of some of the best professional athletes. And let me just say I am very happy that Michael Jordan did not pursue that Geography major he was earned at the University of North Carolina. On a side note, since Jordan is a US American, I would hope he knows where Iraq is on a map.

Imagine if your favorite ballplayer was not good enough to make the Big Leagues. What would he being doing these days? He would have had to put his college degree to good use. Let's find out what would have happened to some of the best professional athletes if they did not make in their sport:

Michael Jordan received a Geography degree from UNC. I didn't know geography was still offered as a major. What was he going to do, become a teacher or, I guess that's it.

Joe Schmo College Student: Sweet, I have Professor Jordan this semester for Geography. I heard he's pretty cool and he likes to gamble.
Friend: Yeah, I had him last semester and he was really clutch with his Powerpoint presentation on Eastern Africa.

Mike Mussina earned a degree from Stanford in Economics in 3 and 1/2 years. He must have been very smart. I could see him these days being all GQ with perfectly shined shoes, his sideburns exquisitely trimmed to perfection, riding to work in a sports car with the top down and thinking to himself "The Moose is going to solve this country's weakening economy today."

Eli Manning has a degree in Marketing from the University of Mississippi. This way if his pro football career hadn't worked out, he could have used his marketing skills to get brother Peyton into another commercial.

Isiah Thomas earned a Criminal Justice degree from Indiana University. Seriously, the jokes here are endless....(insert your favorite here)

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