Saturday, May 23, 2009

College Baseball Uniforms

With the 2009 NCAA Baseball Bracket set, it's an appropriate time to get familiar with the uniforms of the teams you may see playing in a Super Regional or even in Omaha. (*Host school for Regional round)

1 Texas (41-13-1)* - Home vest. Home white. Road jersey. Burnt Orange Alternate. Hat. Hat #2
Army (34-19) - Home jersey. Hat
Boston College (33-24) -Home jersey. Gold Alternate. Hat. Alternate home
Texas State (41-15) - Home jersey. Gold Alternate. Maroon jersey. Hat. Hat #2.

TCU (36-16)* -All jerseys. Home jersey. Road pinstripe. Black Alternate. Hat.
Wright State (33-28) - Home jersey. Road jersey. Hat (worn in black and green, not white)
Oregon State (35-17) - Home jersey. Road jersey. Black Alternate. Road Alternate. Hat.
Texas A&M (36-22) - Home jersey. Road pinstripe. Maroon Alternate. Hat.

Georgia Tech (35-17-1)* -All jerseys. Home jersey. Alternate home. Alternate Road. Hat. Hat #2.
Georgia State (39-20) - Home jersey. Blue Alternate. Road jersey. Hat.
Southern Mississippi (35-23) -Home jersey. Black Road Alternate. Yellow Alternate. Hat.
Elon (40-16) - All jerseys. Home jersey. Black Alternate. Gold Alternate. Maroon Alternate. Hat.

8 Florida (39-20)* - All jerseys. Home jersey. Orange Alternate Home. Blue Alternate. Hat.
Bethune Cookman (32-26) - Home jersey. Home pinstripe. Alternate home. Maroon Alternate. Hat. Hat #2.
Jacksonville (36-20) - Home jersey. Home pinstripe. Green Alternate. Gold Alternate. Hat.
Miami (Fla.) (36-20) - Home jersey. Home vest. Green Alternate. Orange Alternate. Black Alternate. Hat. Hat #2.

5 Arizona State (44-12)* - Home jersey. Home jersey #2. Road jersey. Road jersey #2. Hat. Hat #2
Kent State (42-15) - Home jersey. Home Blue. Alternate Yellow. Hat.
Cal Poly (37-19) - Home jersey. Home Green Alternate. Black Alternate. Road vest. Hat. Hat #2.
Oral Roberts (31-13) -Home jersey. Home vest. Blue Alternate. Gold Alternate. Hat.

Clemson (40-19)* - Home jersey. Orange Road jersey. Purple Alternate. All 5 Hats
Tennessee Tech (30-22-1) - Home jersey. Purple Road jersey (in background). Yellow Alternate. Hat.
Oklahoma State (32-22) - Home jersey. Orange Road jersey. Alternate Black jersey with Alternate Hat. Hat.
Alabama (37-19) - Home jersey. Alternate home pinstripe. Alternate Crimson jersey. Hat. Multiple photos.

East Carolina (42-17)* - All jersey combos. Home vest w/ purple. Home vest w/black. Black Alternate. Purple Alternate. Hat.
Binghamton (29-20) - Home jersey. Road Green. Hat.
George Mason (42-12) - Home jersey. Road Green. Hat.
South Carolina (38-21) - Home Pinstripe. Home jersey. Garnet Alternate. Black Alternate. Hat.

4 North Carolina (42-16)* - Home jersey. Home vest. Home vest #2. Carolina Blue Alternate. Navy Alternate. Road jersey. White Hat. Carolina Blue Hat.
Dartmouth (27-16) - Home jersey. Road jersey. Green Alternate.
Kansas (37-22) - Home jersey. Red Alternate. Blue Alternate. Alternate Hat (for use w/ red top). White Hat. Blue Hat.
Coastal Carolina (46-14) - Home jersey. Teal Alternate. Gold Alternate. Black road jersey. Hat.

2 CS Fullerton (42-14)* -Home pinstripe. Road pinstripe. Blue Road. Hat. Alternate Hat.
Utah (26-29) -Home jersey. Grey Road and Red Road jerseys. Hat.
Gonzaga (35-16) - Red Alternate. Blue Alternate. Hat.
Georgia Southern (42-15) - Home jersey. Blue Road. Hat.

Louisville (44-15)* - Home pinstripe. Red Alternate. Black Alternate. Red Hat. Black Hat.
Indiana (32-25) - All jerseys. Home vest. Alternate Red Home. Hat.
Vanderbilt (34-25) - Home jersey. Home jersey #2. Home jersey #3. Gold Alternate. Black Alternate. Hat.
Middle Tennessee (43-16) - Home jersey. Road gray. Blue Alternate. Hat.

Florida State (42-16)* - Home jersey. Pinstripe. Gray Road. Gray Pinstripe. Garnet Alternate. Yellow. Hat.
Marist (31-26) - Home jersey. Red Alternate. Red Road. Hat.
Ohio State (40-17) - Home vest. Home White Alternate. Red Alternate. Hat.
Georgia (37-22) - Home jersey. Red Alternate. Red Alternate #2. Grey Road jersey. Black Alternate. Hat. Hat #2 (red cap black bill). Hat #3 (white cap red bill)

7 Oklahoma (41-18)* - Home jersey. Home pinstripe. Red Alternate. Gray Road. Hat.
Wichita State (30-25) - Home jersey. Gray Road. Black Alternate. Yellow Alternates. Hat.
Washington State (31-23) - Home jersey. Road gray. Maroon Alternate. Hat.
Arkansas (34-22) - All jerseys. Home jersey. Pinstripe. Road gray. Red Alternate. Throwbacks. Hat.

6 UC-Irvine (43-13)* - Home jersey. Road jersey. Blue Alternate. Hat.
Fresno State (32-28) - Home jersey. Road jersey. Blue Alternate. Red Alternate. Blue Hat. Red Hat.
San Diego State (40-21) -Home jersey. All Black. Road gray. Home Black Alternate.
Virginia (43-12-1) - Home jersey. Home pinstripe. Orange Alternate. Hat.

Mississippi (40-17)* - Home pinstripe. Red Alternate. Blue Alternate. Road Blue Alternate. Hat.
Monmouth (32-23) - Home jersey. Road Blue.
W. Kentucky (39-18) - Home jersey. Red Alternate. Hat.
Missouri (34-25) - Home jersey. Gold Alternate. Black Alternate. Hat.

Rice (39-15)* - Home jersey. Road jersey. Blue Alternate. Pinstripe. Hat.
Sam Houston St. (36-22) - Home jersey. Orange Alternate. Hat.
Xavier (38-19) - Jerseys. Hat.
Kansas State (41-16-1) -Home jersey (purple trim). Home jersey(black trim). Purple Alternate. Black Alternate. Hat.

3 LSU (46-16)* - Home jersey. Purple Alternate. Yellow Alternate. Hat. Alternate Hat.
Southern (30-15) -Home Pinstripe. Home Blue.
Baylor (29-24) - Home jersey. Green Alternate. Gold Alternate. Black Alternate. Hat.
Minnesota (38-17) - Home jersey. Maroon Alternate. Yellow Alternate. Hat. White Hat.


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Arkansas also wears this throwback:

And these pinstripes:

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